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Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice

2024 Practicum Dates: 24 & 25 October 2024

We are excited to offer an accredited Neurofeedback course that has been long sought by all who have attended our trainings on Neurofeedback with trauma and the EEG in clinical practice. This course is based on our clinical expertise in using Neurofeedback as a tool for recovery in combination with other therapeutical modalities and is supported by our ongoing research.


Enrol in one of our training programs, workshops or webinars, presented by BCIA-A certified neurofeedback practitioners and certified QEEG diplomates. These are offered face-to-face or online.

QEEG Services

Learn more about the ANFI QEEG Clinic, where we offer QEEG assessment and reporting services to neurofeedback clinicians and mental health professionals.


Discover ANFI’s current studies and published articles at the forefront of our evidence-based treatments, based on our work with refugee survivors of torture and trauma.

At the Australian Neurofeedback Institute, we seek to combine the latest neuroscientific research with clinical expertise.

ANFI integrates the latest neuroscientific research, cutting-edge neuromodulation technologies and outcome-driven psycho-social interventions in working alongside individuals impacted by trauma, and the wider public.

What We Do?

Get to know our mission, our history and our vision for the future.

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what is neurofeedback

What is Neurofeedback?

Find information and resources to support your learning.


We have the privilege of collaborating with some of the world’s leading experts in neuroscience and trauma recovery.

  • They offer 30 years of experience in working with highly traumatized people, over 20 years of integrating neurofeedback with the...

    Sebern Fisher

  • They keep the front edge of cognitive neuroscience and use the most advanced neurotechnology like extracting latent components from event-related...

    Juri D. Kropotov

  • I have visited the STARTTS Neurofeedback clinic, and observed the extraordinary dedication, warmth and sophistication of the staff. I have...

    Norman Doidge

  • When depth of experience counts and you need the best, you can count on the professional staff at Australian Neurofeedback...

    Jay Gunkelman

  • After 30 years of studies and clinical practice of neurofeedback it’s a major advance to see such highly qualified clinicians....

    Bessel van der Kolk

Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice

This course is based on our clinical expertise in using Neurofeedback as a tool for recovery in combination with other therapeutical modalities and is supported by our ongoing research.

Heart Rate Variability Basics

Heart rate variability biofeedback is an evidenced based practice that helps clients learn to self-regulate emotional, social and physiological processes.

Self-Harm in Schools

Understand self-harm in young people and how school staff can facilitate support for them, receive an overview of current treatment recommendations and learn about the barriers and facilitators of support for young people who self-harm.

Neuropsychological Impacts of COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to infect millions and new variants pose ongoing challenges, this webinar is a must for neurofeedback clinicians and health professionals willing to understand the neuropsychological impacts of COVID-19.

Training & Workshops

A variety of courses for mental health professionals on topics related to Neurofeedback, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback and Quantitative EEG (QEEG).

Practical and Evidence-Based Training

Our training focuses on the use of Neuromodulation techniques in working with clients suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression and issues related to attention and learning.


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