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Experts share their thoughts on ANFI

At ANFI, we have the privilege to collaborate with some of the most important experts in the field of neuroscience, trauma and psychotherapy. See below what these great people have to say about us!

Bessel van der Kolk

President, the Trauma Research Foundation
Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
NYT Best seller "The Body keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the healing of Trauma"

“After 30 years of studies and clinical practice of neurofeedback it’s a major advance to see such highly qualified clinicians and researchers come together to establish an integrated discipline in ANFI. Neurofeedback can be extremely helpful in treating traumatic stress, as well as many other conditions that involve problems with executive functioning. We look forward to collaborating with you on expanding our knowledge about neurofeedback and making it more accessible for the public.”

Norman Doidge

FRCP(C) - Canadian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and author of The Brain That Changes Itself (2007) and The Brain's Way of Healing (2015). The Brain That Changes Itself describes some of the latest developments in neuroscience, and became a New York Times and international bestseller.

“I have visited the STARTTS Neurofeedback clinic, and observed the extraordinary dedication, warmth and sophistication of the staff, as they approach chronic PTSD, in a new way that combines the use of neurofeedback to help train people learn to regulate their brain’s distressing emotional reactions and calm themselves without over-reliance on medication, and forms psychotherapy developed for treating horrific psychological trauma. STARTTS is one of Australia’s national treasures, and an inspiring model for about how to approach trauma in an integrated way that takes into account mind and brain, both of which are altered in trauma.”

Jay Gunkelman

qEEG Diplomat - Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Brain Science International.

“When depth of experience counts and you need the best, you can count on the professional staff at Australian Neurofeedback Institute – STARTTS to provide their unique blend of neuroscience and compassion to help address your needs.”

Juri D. Kropotov

Prof. Dr. h. c.
USSR State Prize Winner
Head of the laboratory of N.P. Bechtereva Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Prof. of Department of Neuropsychology, Andrzej Frycz-Modrzewski Krakow University, Krakow, Poland.

“My recent work with STARTTS on the application of neurofeedback for improving health conditions of PTSD patients clearly demonstrated that this is a group of dedicated and knowledgeable people. They keep the front edge of cognitive neuroscience and use the most advanced neurotechnology like extracting latent components from event-related potentials for diagnosing and monitoring the state of the brain. I definitely endorse the Australian Neurofeedback Institute (ANFI) as an activity of STARTTS.”

Sebern Fisher

MA, LMH, BCN - Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Neurofeedback Clinician in a private practice. Author of "Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain" published April 2014 by W.W. Norton.

“Clinicians and researchers in mental health are beginning to discover that the brain organizes itself through its circuitry, through the way it fires. This is a paradigm shift in understanding the brain, most particularly the traumatized brain, away from the bio-chemical toward the bio-electrical. This shift in understanding strongly suggests that we need to consider new treatment approaches that appeal to this electrical domain. Neurofeedback is that approach. Clinical neurofeedback takes time to master and we need good teachers and good courses of study to learn it well. The Australian Neurofeedback Institute (ANFI) has formed to provide just that. They offer 30 years of experience in working with highly traumatized people, over twenty years of integrating neurofeedback with the practice of psychotherapy and over ten in training others how to do this with the greatest efficacy. I have taught with them and learned from them. I can’t recommend ANFI highly enough.”